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Hiring on wheels targets NE youths

TP Shuttle has reached Shillong & will travel to other cities in the region

Teleperformance, a leading provider of outsourced customer experience management and digital integrated business services, is taking a new-age path to recruit youngsters in the North East.

The company has launched a TP Shuttle, the first of its kind in the country, that is travelling across cities in the North East and scouting for the best talents for various job profiles in the business process management sector. The shuttle, which has the tagline ‘Create Connections that Count’, promises to make recruitment simpler, faster and safer.


Currently, the vehicle is in Shillong and it will also travel to Aizawl and Dimapur. Before this, it was in Guwahati last month. Teleperformance aims to hire 2,000 youths by the end of the year and is “continuously making good progress”.

The brightly coloured vehicle with a digital futuristic visual on it is attracting youths who want to explore the world of business process management.

“We’ve received an overwhelming response to this new initiative. It is a first-of-its-kind initiative to boost recruitment efforts in a fun and stylish manner. We aim to make recruitment opportunities available to the talent in their homes. Our audience will find our TP Shuttle to be a simpler, faster and safer bet in finding a job, an assurance of an amazing career with TP,” says Preeti Acharya of Teleperformance, which has over 80,000 employees in the country.

The TP team. (Photos sourced)

On why the company is focusing on the northeastern region, Acharya says this part of the country has a promising talent pool that speak and understand English.

“We also have a lot of opportunities for people to work from home, further for people who want to move to other cities we offer excellent relocation opportunities,” she adds.

Teleperformance’s recruitment process is completely digital and the shuttle is equipped to conduct necessary assessments and provide an offer of employment to the selected candidates.

The process is simple. An interested candidate can apply by scanning the QR code available on the shuttle and go through the recruitment process “while enjoying the experience of being in our comfortable shuttle”, informs Acharya.

Teleperformance is aiming to hire and develop customer interaction experts for positions in CX, Operations, Cloud, Technical Support, and New Age technologies.

“We hire CX experts for our key clients. These profiles are hired with requisite experience and we also provide mentoring support from leaders in the organisation to bring the new folks up to speed on the work. Training is largely on the job and available through experiential models in addition to the self-learning tools available to all TP employees,” explains Acharya.

The company intends to add more cities to its itinerary as it completes the journey in the North East.

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