LJP asks govt to address plight of poor

Shillong, May 28: Lok Janshakti Party state president Jamil Ahmed has said the overall scenario of the state is changed by some powers who do not  wish or rather want the people of Meghalaya to prosper.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Ahmed said the sole goal of these powers is to keep the common people poor, to keep them busy thinking about their livelihood and unable to focus or concentrate on the state’s development.


“The recent collapse of the Assembly building is one major example of corruption which has come to light, but imagine how many more could emerge”, he said.
“The state is fighting  against unemployment. price rise is all- time high. Tomatoes are sold at Rs 100 per kg. The rich are becoming richer, while the poor are becoming poorer. One can easily imagine how  poor families like daily wage earners or labourers’ families are feeding their children”, Ahmed said.
The economy of the state is at a pitiable stage but few lucky persons in the state are becoming richer. The problems are numerous, but the question is how many of them have been addressed by the present government, he said.

Ahmed visited Mawkyrwat on May 13 and 14 and during heavy rain with thunder storm,a few houses were damaged, three of which came to his attention.

One of the damaged houses in Mawkyrwat

He asked the Rangbah Shnong whether any minister or official tried to find their well being but unfortunately no one from the government bothered to visit and help them. Further, the PHE Minister is the local MLA of Mawkyrwat constituency but the people of Mawkyrwat face water supply issues. In this regard,. a letter was  sent to Chief  Secretatary to help those residents whose houses were damaged by the storm, Ahmed said.

“Therefore,  I call upon the people of Meghalaya to kindly wake up, know your rights, question the government on anything that is not satisfactory, do not accept money during elections as your votes are valuable, choose a right and honest person”, Ahmed said.

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