HNLC claims responsibility for Harijan Colony blast, asks residents to relocate within a month

Shillong, Mar 14: The banned Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) on Thursday claimed responsibility for the IED blast at Harijan Colony and wanted the state government to relocate the 342 families of the colony within one month.

“We claim responsibility for the IED blast at Them Metor on the night of 9th March. The Budnar Shadow Squad (BSS), which operates as the special forces of the HNLC, was responsible for carrying out this blast,” HNLC’s general secretary-cum-publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw said in a statement.


“The MDA government and the police department were shocked to discover that our team was able to commit such an act in a high-security area. We did not intend to harm civilians or innocent lives, hence our restraint,” he said.

The HNLC also wanted the state government to promptly withdraw the CRPF from Them Metor to ensure the free movement for Hynniewtrep people in the area.

Accotdokg to the HNLC leader, the organisation was left with no choice but to resort to ‘military action’ due to the long-standing negligence of the Meghalaya government in relocating the Harijan residents from the area.

“This serves as a gentle reminder that if the government fails to protect our community, we may see Hynñiewtrep descend into civil war. Any community that poses a threat to Hynniewtrep will be dealt with firmly. The government must relocate them within one month or face the consequences,” he warned.

Nongtraw alleged that the police are at war with the local community, and assured to defend the land and people by any means. “When we fight for our cause, for our Jaidbynriew, remember we have nothing to lose. The state home department has overall control by a non-tribal, and Khasi police officers are treated like hunting dogs. When a non-tribal officer says bark, they bark; when he says bite, they bite. When he says wag, they wag, when he says bleed, they bleed for non tribal people. However, when it comes to protecting the Hynniewtrep community from victimization and brutality at the hands of non-tribals or the non-tribal police force they lack the teeth or the blood to shed”, the HNLC said.

The HNLC also alleged that the two deputy chief ministers – Prestone Tynsong and Sniawbhalang Dhar – are being used by Garo leaders Mukul Sangma and Conrad K Sangma.

“Bah Prestone and Sniawbhalang have been used by Garo leaders Mukul Sangma and Conrad K Sangma as political capital, first within the Congress and now within the NPP. They are akin to the donkey carrying the idol in Aesop’s fable. Please be informed that you two, the so-called political leaders, are not intellectually independent enough to think for themselves,” Nongtraw said.

Stating about the long-standing presence of the Harijan community in Hynniewtrep land, the HNLC leader said, “We are not asking you to leave Hynniewtrep. Our intention is not to promote division or animosity. Instead, we encourage the Harijan community to consider relocating to an area designated by the government for your people and peacefully leave Them Metor. In the past, we eliminated your brother Lal Singh due to his criminal activities, which had hurt the sentiments of our community. This is our unequivocal message to any non-tribals residing in Hynniewtrep: You are welcome to reside here, but refrain from asserting ownership of our land, exert force, challenge us, or provoking us; failure to do so will result in consequences, as a thief can never become an owner,” the HNLC leader added.

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