HNLC for unconditional talks, wants interlocutor

Shillong, Feb 8: The banned HNLC has offered unconditional talks with both the Centre and the state and urged the government to appoint an interlocutor.

In a statement, the HNLC general secretary cum publicity secretary, Sainkupar Nongtraw said that it’s move is after receiving a lot of requests in the last few days from elders and some social organisations.


The HNLC had claimed responsibility for the IED blast in Police Bazar ( in picture) on January 30.

“We the HNLC have decided to give peace a chance once again. Last year after the killing in fake encounter of our former GS (L) Cherish Thangkhiew, the peace process was derailed. His death brought so much of sadness to the whole Hynñiewtrep region. We lost a true leader and his teachings and motivations will always remain inside us. (L) Bah Che was also in favour of the peace talks and he was assigned the task to carry forward our message with the GOI”, Nongtraw said.

He said after consultations with some elders recently, the organisation has decided to come into a peaceful agreement with the Centre and the state

“As of now, we are ready to talk within the ambit of the Indian constitution and we are ready to have talks without any pre conditions. This is for the general information that the Standstill Agreement (SA) and Instrument of Accession (IOA) shall not be included . If the GOI is willing then we are ready to go for a dialogue”, Nongtraw said.
The HNLC leader said they stand firm to defend the rights of the people and the land. “We as an organisation of armed struggle we keep the interest of our jaidbynriew as our sole concern”, he said.
The HNLC anticipated that the people including  NGOs and pressure groups will develop a stake in the peace process and become part of the mechanism to maintain it .

“As assured by some elders, the peace talks shall provide an excellent opportunity for the government to set up and strengthen peace in the region . Therefore the government should appoint and interlocutor officially and show its seriousness. Our aim is to end this conflict and at this point of time we believe that we can achieve whatever we want through peaceful means provided there is sincerity on the part of the government”, he said.

Nongtraw said after decades of confrontation and sufferings, the HNLC decided to have a dialogue with the GOM and the GOI as  it acknowledges that a peaceful solution shall be achieved leaving aside  bitterness .

“We want to regain the respect of the Hynñiewtrep existence. While it is long overdue we believe that opening and sustaining the space for a dialogue and consensus building will lead to the peaceful resolution of the age old conflict that has been going on for the last three decades”,he said..

According to the HNLC, the ball is in the government court to decide whether it wants to give peace a chance or to continue this conflict.

Hence,the need to appoint an interlocutor at the earliest before this conflict turns ugly and  the government’s seriousness is the only solution, the HNlC leader added.

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