JNC asks govt to ensure safety of Khasi-Jaintia residents of Cachar

Organisation reacts to reports of Assam cops harassing Khasis & Jaintias recently

Shillong, Sep 5: The Jaintia National Council (JNC) has demanded that the MDA 2.0 government led by Conrad Sangma take steps to protect Khasi and Jaintia residents in Assam.

The demand comes after reports of vandalisation of land owned by Khasi and Jaintia residents by authorities in Assam on August 3.


JNC, in a statement, said the land was owned by Khasi and Jaintia residents for centuries in the Pahar line, Cachar district, where they cultivated betel nuts.

“Upon hearing the news that the Authority of Police and Forest Department of the Cachar District, enforcing the people of Khasi, Jaintia unwillingly, JNC expresses a heartfelt sympathy over the incident and states that such misconduct manifests the misuse of law and moral values,” JNC said.

The organisation questioned the state government for turning a blind eye to the issue and not ensuring the safety of the residents.

Moreover, the organisation appealed to the state government to take this matter up with the Government of India. It also demanded the Government of Assam take action against the injustice against the Khasi and Jaintia people who live in the Assam territory.

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