‘Keep your hair clean, don’t overdo it with chemicals’

Renowned hairstylist Javed Habib talks about his journey & plans in NE

Tell us about your journey as a hairstylist.

It’s been really good. I wanted to do Hotel management, but I had to learn hairstyling since my father wanted that and then there was no looking back!


What kind of struggle did you have to face during your journey?

I never thought about struggle, I have always worked super hard and that’s what I feel worked for me.

People know you as a hairstylist. But you are more than that. What do you have to say?

I always wanted to spread education about this profession. I worked hard as a stylist, and harder as an educator. Tried best to teach people about hair and the business. Still trying!

Is this your first book? What inspired you to write it?

No, I have written many books before this. My motive behind this one was to teach what is right for the hair. Tell people about the right hair care.

In this busy world, not many have the time to take care of their hair. Any quick suggestions for them, especially women?

My hair care tips are super easy and practical. If you follow three easy tips that I say, you will definitely have healthy and beautiful hair —

  1. Preconditioning: Apply oil to your hair before washing.
  2. Shampoo: Wash your hair daily with a normal hair shampoo after preconditioning. Keeping hair clean is essential.
  3. Trimming: You must cut/trim your hair every 8-10 weeks.

Hair quality is genetic and cannot be reversed. Myth or truth?

This is true but the problem is different these days. People are bothering their hair with chemicals, overuse of products and the wrong hair care. It is essential to understand the type and condition of the hair and take care of it accordingly.

What is your foothold in the North East of India? What are your plans for this region?

We have good plans business-wise, will open up salons and academies across that part. Also, I have been and will be doing a lot of seminars also to teach people about hair.

How can one find out the best hairstyle for herself/himself?

Go to a good professional and get a style that suits the texture and condition of your hair. Avoid blindly following the trends because it may get difficult for you to maintain a fancy style.

Tell us about yourself, your hobbies, passion, vision, and regrets so far.

I have never thought beyond my work. My business is my hobby, my passion, my vision, my love.

Some quick advice for our readers…

Keep your hair clean, don’t overdo it with chemicals and trim it on time. There is nothing better than preconditioning for your hair, do it daily.

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