KHNAM for roster register from May, 2023

Shillong, June 13: KHNAM has demanded that the roster register should be maintained  from May 2022 for prospective implementation.

“Till now we are yet to see the new and complicated O.M (office memorandum) on roster, however, we are clear that maintenance of roster register with invalid data from 1972 means a retrospective roster and we stick to our demand that Roster Register be maintained from May 2022 for an affective prospective roster system”, said KHNAM working president Thomas Passah in a statement.


According to Passah, the statement of the government that the roster will be implemented prospectively by plotting invalid data from 1972, is an attempt of the government to complicate the issue and mislead the political parties and the general public at large.

The statement of CM that plotting of data is required right from 1972 implies that it’s a retrospective in a modified version. Further, his statement that it is quite complicated indicates that some methods might have been incorporated to hide the appearance of backlogs of posts in the system”, Passah said.

According to KHNAM leader, Conrad’s trick is being played on the basis of the following two equations/relations: 1) Roster based on 1972 data with visible /appearing backlogs = retrospective roster. 2) Roster based on 1972 data with invisible/hidden backlogs= prospective roster. “Using those equations, he can cheat and fool many but not all”, Passah said.

CM’s statements that there is no such thing as “Retrospective” or “Prospective” and that it is  a continuous process is an attempt to mislead the political parties, Passah said.

“We from the party during the all political party meeting had asked the Government “If there is no retrospective or prospective, then how is it that until April 23 all MPSC results showed that number of successful Garo candidates is double in number than the successful Khasi-Jaintia candidates? and the reply was that “it is due to the retrospective implementation of roster system with data from 1972, and we have been assured that, new O.M will be notified for prospective roster system”, KHNAMHowever, even till today we see that the CM is still making a statement that the roster is a continuous process and data will be maintained from 1972″, Passah said.

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