Killed pig hence blood stained clothes; twin murder accused misled girl friend’s mother         

Shillong, Aug 27: The accused in the Nongstoin twin murder case told his girl friend’s mother in the city that he had killed a pig at third mile, Upper Shillong and hence his clothes were blood stained.

Banphrangkupar Nongbri (24) had left for Nongstoin in a hired vehicle on August 23 morning from the rented house of his girl friend in Nongrim Hills.


Later, on August 24 early morning, he came back.

The girl friend said on Friday that her mother had noticed that his clothes were blood stained.

“She asked the reason and his reply was that he was coming from Upper Shillong after killing a pig”, said the girl friend, who did not want to reveal her name.

The accused in the murder case

Nongbri killed the elderly woman identified as Phlisis Syiem (79) and her domestic help Maitlynti L Marshillong (25) in Nongstoin.

He stayed back for a day in Nongrim Hills and on August 25, he got a call from the police in Nongstoin to come to the police station and on reaching Mariang, he was arrested.

Police seized blood stained clothes and later on August 26, two mobile phones belonging to the victims were recovered from a drain at the backyard of the house in Nongrim Hills as he threw them there.

Earlier, he had forced the girl friend and her mother to tell the police that he was in Shillong when the crime took place on September 23 but the duo did not do so as they wanted him to tell the truth.  Though the accused wanted to escape, they insisted that he should go to the police in Nongstoin since he was summoned.

“ It appears that he was in debt and borrowed money from several people and was unable to repay”, the girl friend said.

The accused gave her mother over Rs 40,000 which was stolen from the victim. The money was handed over to the police.

It remains to be a mystery as to why he was in debt and what made him to borrow money from so many people.

The friend of the accused

The house owner said the girl knew the accused for the last four to five years and in the past one week he used to visit her in Nongrim Hills.  “I was shocked to know the crime he committed as we never thought he will commit such a violent act”, she said.

While the accused told the police that he was a trainee demonstrator at soil and water conservation department, he told the girl friend that he is a health worker on corona duty.

Headman of Nongrim Hills, Bantylli L Narry said the accused is a resident of Nongstoin and not from Nongrim Hills and he used to stay at the girl friend’s house one or two nights.

Narry said he was present when the seizure of clothes and mobiles was made by the police. The accused was brought from Nongstoin to recover the mobile phones of the victims, he added.

Mother of accused turns witness

Earlier, the police wanted independent witnesses following the crime.

As no one was willing, the mother of the accused volunteered to be the witness without knowing that her son was the culprit.

Similarly, the uncle of the accused washed away blood from the room where the murder took place without knowing that his relative was involved in the crime.

The accused is a distant relative of the elderly woman murdered by him, said the headman of Nongrim Hills.

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