Kuliang woman files FIR against BSF for assaulting husband & molesting daughter

Shillong,June 20: A Kuliang villager lodged an FIR against the Border Security Force (BSF) for allegedly assaulting her husband and molesting her daughter on Wednesday night.

Martina Pohshna lodged the complaint with the in-charge of Umkiang police patrol post on Thursday asking the police to take action against all those involved in the incident.


According to her, on Wednesday night  around 11.30 pm, three people, who claimed to be BSF but were not wearing any uniform, forcefully entered her house at Kuliang village and started assaulting her husband Shanroi Lyngdoh Lyngkhoi.

“They also took an axe from our house and tried to attack us with it and with a knife they brought. My daughter and I tried to snatch the axe but we were overpowered by these criminals”, the woman said.

“Thereafter, they pulled my husband outside and they continued to attack him mercilessly till his rib was broken. We did try to save him from the attack but we were overpowered by them and after they attacked us, they left our house. However around 12:30 am of June 20, they came again with more than 15 people and started assaulting my husband again and beat him up mercilessly,” Poshna said in the FIR.

Pohshna accused the BSF personnel of  molesting her 15-year-old daughter while snatching her phone.

“I tried to save my daughter from their hands but in doing so they kicked me from my back and my whole body was hurt by the attack,” the woman said.

Pohshna said the BSF personnel had also threatened to shoot them and even pointed their guns towards them. A short video of the incident has been recorded as evidence of the incident.

“Later today, I learnt that the assaulters are BSF personnel whose name I do not know but I and my daughter can identify these criminals if confronted. Therefore, I wish to request your good office to kindly register a case under appropriate provision of law and to find out the culprit and to arrest them as per law,” she saud in the FIR.

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