Rajya Sabha member files FIR against youtuber

Allegation of corruption in MP scheme implementation

Shillong, June 20: Rajya Sabha member WR Kharlukhi has filed an FIR against a youtuber for  corruption charges on the implementation of the Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS).

Speaking to journalists on Thursday,  Kharlukhi said he would quit as MP if there is any corruption found in the implementation of his MP scheme.


“I have lodged a complaint with the cyber crime police station against a youtuber ‘RS Kharbani’ for alleging that I am corrupt and there is corruption in the implementation of my MP scheme,” he said.

“If anybody has proof and if anybody comes and give it to the press that I have taken such and such amount, I myself will write to the government and ask for a CBI enquiry and I am ready to go to jail.You can go to the villages, if they said at least this work was not done by them, it was done by Dr Kharlukhi’s man, I will resign that day,” the MP said.

He also warned of filing defamation case against attempt by anyone to defame him.

“I am very transparent and I have three bank accounts. I am open to any raid,” he said.

Kharlukhi said the allegation is at a time when he is nearly retiring from politics. “I am nearly 40 years in politics and I am going to retire  and such things come out so I think I should clarify because I am open to any investigation any time”, the MP said.

He also indicated  that he would be retiring when he will be 70 years.

Regarding the MP scheme, Kharlukhi said he  started getting the MP scheme for 2022-2023 as there was no scheme given during the Covid pandemic. “Earlier, I would recommend the schemes to the nodal officer who is the deputy commissioner, who would then send the same to the block development officers (BDOs) for releasing the fund to the beneficiaries that include village dorbars and organisations”, the MP said.

He said the system changed for 2023-2024. Instead of the rural development department in Delhi, the scheme was released by the parliament directly to the district officers and to the BDOs, he said.

Kharlukhi said he has fully implemented the Rs 5 crore sanctioned under MP scheme for 2022-2023 while the scheme for 2024 has  reached the beneficiaries. The delay was due to the polls to the Lok Sabha.

According to Kharlukhi, social media acts as a negative vulture who feeds on a negative carcass.

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