Lawyer Kynta quits BJP

Shillong, April 25: Senior advocate VGK Kynta quit the BJP.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Kynta, who resigned on April 20, said he did not get any assignment from the party.


According to him, he can’tĀ  be a mere spectator and desired to have some role to be active.

He hinted at the leadership issue and the poor performance of party in the 2023 Assembly polls as also the reasons for coming out of the party.

“We can’t say the ideology of the party is bad but it appears that people running the show are lost on the way”, he said.

Kynta, however, apologised to the regional parties for speaking against them after he joined the BJP last November.

Lawyers joining BJP

When asked, he did not see any problem for the lawyers joining the political parties.

“BB Lyngdoh was a lawyer and lawyers joining any political party, including the BJP, is a good thing,there is no harm’, he added.

Many lawyers had joined the BJP ahead of the Assembly polls.

Lok Sabha pollsĀ 

To a question on contesting the Lok Sabha polls, he said, “No party approached me.”

However, he admitted that there is pressure from people to contest the Shillong seat.

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