Lawyer offers ‘Will Smith Oscar slap’ defense at murder trial

Washington, Mar 30 (UNI): Actor Will Smith’s slap during Oscar event became the defense in a Roanoke double murder case in the US as the attorney stressed that the accused like the actor “snapped” and acted in the heat of the moment.
“Things you wouldn’t ordinarily do you do — like Will Smith. I bet he wishes he could take it back. But he can’t. You can’t unbreak a stick,” said the attorney during his client’s murder trial on Tuesday.
However, the jury did not accept the “Will Smith defence”. William Reno Ray, 25, of Vinton was convicted on Tuesday of two first-degree murder charges for the March 2020 slayings of his fiancée’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend, The Roanoke Times reported.
During the closing arguments, Defense attorney Dirk Padgett urged the jurors to aske themselves whether they themselves “snapped” and did things they had not planned.
During the Oscars event at the Dolby Theatres on March 27, actor Smith had on Sunday smacked presenter Chris Rock on the head for making the ill-advised joke about his wife Jada Pinkett’s alopecia. Rock joked that she was set to make ‘GI Jane 2’ next, which led Smith to rush up on stage and tried to hit Rock. Smith then told him not to use his wife’s name. Smith, went up on stage just to put the message across, as Rock body-shamed the “Aladdin” actor’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

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