Let law take its course on FIR against DGP: Prestone

Shillong May 10: Deputy Chief Minister in-charge Home (Police) Prestone Tynsong on Friday said investigation was on following the FIR against Meghalaya Director General of Police (DGP) Lajja Ram Bishnoi for allegedly using fake number plate.
“We received the FIR yesterday afternoon relating to fake number plate. So now a case has been registered and the investigation has just started. So please give space, let the investigation start and thereafter let the law takes its own course,” Tynsong told reporters.
When asked about any action against the DGP, Tynsong said, “That how can I predict how can i say but for us our duty is what once FIR is filed we need to attend to this. The attention of the government has been drawn that’s what I am telling you we have already registered and the investigation has just started. That is the action right now. Don’t ask that question as me and you we cannot come to that conclusion because once we registered, investigation is there and again we have to file affidavit to the court about the detailed investigation that we made, then we will be able to know exactly what court says yes this is wrong or this is right,” he said.

When asked whether action will also be taken against members of the enquiry committee constituted by the police department on the vehicle scam, Tynsong said, “I think the person who filed FIR, he draws the line again to the old case and this old case it becomes existing case because the court is yet to decide anything so I will not reply on that at all as the case is still on so let the court decide.”

The former Assistant Inspector General (AIG) of Meghalaya Police GK Iangrai filed the FIR against the DGP on May 9 for allegedly misusing  and tampering the registration number plate of his vehicle.


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