Mairang residents against Eastern West, want Central name

Mairang,Nov 10: Several residents here do not see any meaning in Eastern West Khasi Hills as they wanted the new district to be named Central Khasi Hills.

Prior to the inauguration of the district, this reporter spoke to several residents.


Tea seller Wilibert Kharmawlong is helpless when asked about the matter.

“We prefer Central Khasi Hills but what to do the name is imposed on us”, he said.

A vocal elderly lady identified herself as Anita Kharmawlong said that there is no meaning in Eastern West Khasi Hills.

“Our place is central to Shillong, Nongstoin and even Guwahati”, she said.

Kharmawlong admitted that no suggestion was sought from the people regarding the name.  “The government can still change the  name”, she said.

Another lady, Mer Lawrynniang said that the government should change the name to Central instead of Eastern as it does not suit the place.

While a volunteer does not want make any comments, two government employees spoken to said that response should be sought from senior officers.

When asked about another suggestion to name the district as North West Khasi Hills, a nearby resident said that Central is ideal as North West will mean direction from Patharkmhah, Ri Bhoi

Ridiculing the decision of the government on the name, a senior resident who does not want to be named, said that the consideration may be focusing on West Khasi Hills as the district is on the eastern part of West Khasi Hills but there will be a time when government  may go for another name  ‘eastern east’ for a different district.

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