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Make this a meaningful Christmas

Philip Marwein

It is again that time of the year when Christians worldwide celebrate the birth of Jesus, who showed humanity the right way of life. But it is not just the Christian faithful who participate in the celebrations but also people of other religions and all creeds and castes who equally become a part of the revelry.


In 1 AD, Jesus was born to Virgin Mary in a stable in Bethlehem, Judea, in the presence of Joseph, his foster father. A new chapter in human history began from BC to AD. Jesus was real and not a myth. His first visitors were the lowly but lucky shepherds who were tending their flock in the open field and later followed by the wise men from the east led by the bright star in the sky.

The next 30 years of his life were not so eventful but was full of wonders in history about this Jesus who was called Christ, the anointed one. For the next three years, he dedicated himself fully to his mission. He taught a new brand of teachings contrary to the powerful Jewish teachers of that time. He backed up his teachings by his works of wonders and performed miracles. He fed the hungry, comforted the sorrowful, cast out demons from the possessed, he cured the sick, he made the lame walk, the blind see and raised the dead.

Jesus openly and publicly challenged the proud and powerful Jewish hierarchy that continued overburdening and suppressing the Jewish poor masses. For all these, the Jewish hierarchy was infuriated and extremely wild and jealous. He had him persecuted through the Roman governor and soldiers and followed by crucifixion, he died and was buried but rose again on the third day by his divine power.

Christmas is about celebrating the life of this great personality, remember him and imitate his works by doing charitable works by doing charitable works, feed the hungry, help the poor, shelter the homeless, help cure the sick by helping for medication, donate generously to the have-nots, teach the ignorant, comfort the helpless and sorrowful, help the widows and the oppressed and help educate the masses.

In the modern day set-up, the significance of Jesus’s works is immense. At a time when political intentions are crooked and there is widespread poverty and unemployment, it becomes imperative to educate the mass about the rights of people. It is important to make people understand that they can exercise their power through voting so that they can overthrow the evil and haughty politicians to ensure a clean and transparent system of administration and governance.

In the perspective of Meghalaya, a Christian-dominated state, it becomes more important to follow in Jesus’s footsteps to right the wrong and end the corrupt system. This year’s Christmas comes before the crucial 2023 Assembly elections and the public should take the onus of choosing the right individuals to run the state.

Christmas is not about the razzmatazz and decorations. It is not about fine dining and cakes, new clothes and fun. It is about imbibing the teachings of Jesus and implementing those in daily life. It is also about working and living together in harmony and peace. This is important because if the mass is not united, then there are less chances of defeating the exploiters.

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