Mawlai Town Dorbar, Malki group demand action against cops   

Letters to reach K-J Hills MLAs on Tuesday

Shillong, Aug 30: The chairman of Mawlai Town Dorbar, SD Khongwir  and Sur Ehrngiew ki Nong Malki (voice of Malki people) have asked the state government to suspend the police officers involved in the shooting incident that led to the death of former HNLC general secretary Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew on August 13.

The voice of Mawlai people comprising eleven organisations has already decided to write to all Khasi-Jaintia Hills MLAs on Tuesday to protest against the killing and to take a stand.


Khongwir said he took some time to take a stand on suspension of officers as he was consulting legal experts and going through rules governing the officers.

He said the demand by the groups to suspend the officers should be examined by the Chief Secretary and other senior officials based on the blue book.

He also wanted the officers to brief the chief minister regarding the guidelines of ministry of personnel, public grievances and pension and All India Services (Discipline and Appeals) Rules, 1969 which have provision for suspension of officers.

Khongwir reminded that several officers in UP are also facing suspension.

Earlier, speaking to reporters, the spokesperson of the voice of Malki people, Junestar Kharbuli said that the residents of Malki and its adjoining areas have decided to extend support to the demand made by the people of Mawlai to suspend the ‘trigger-happy’ cops.

“We the voice of the people of Malki strongly condemn the action of the police personnel involved in the killing of Thangkhiew and we also demand the state government to immediately issue suspension order against all the police personnel who are part of the operation team, within one week,” he said.

Kharbuli also warned that if the government ignores their plea, the people of Malki will have no other option but to call for a massive rally on September 6.

The forum will also mobilise support by urging residents of Laitumkhrah and Nongthymmai to join hands in the rally to demand justice for Thangkhiew.

“We are sending a clear message to the state government that it should listen to the demand of the Sur Ki Nong Mawlai otherwise the state will continue to witness more agitations in the coming days,” he said.

While acknowledging that the government has done the right thing by setting up a judicial inquiry to probe into the incident, Kharbuli, however, said the government should take a call to suspend the police officers to allow a free and fair investigation so that the truth will come out.

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