NGOs tender apology for attack on journalist

Shillong,Sept 20: The pressure groups, KSU, FKJGP, HNYF and RBYF have tendered apology for the attack on senior journalist, EM Jose, who was covering the demonstration at Civil Hospital junction demanding the suspension of police officers involved in the killing of former HNLC leader Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew.

The incident happened after 11. 30 am on Monday when a group of masked supporters (in picture) of the sit-in -with one of them holding a black flag – confronted the journalist, who is the editor of Meghalaya Monitor news portal, a few minutes prior to the event.


One of them kicked the journalist from behind  and others came close to him shouting, to the shock of the scribe who had no clue of what was happening. There were also voices from the group like, “Press ..press …,” referring to the scribe. A few of them said sorry.

Soon, other journalists who were nearby gathered and decided to wait for a decision before covering the event.

Some leaders came forward and individually apologised for the incident and later before the start of the event, one of the leaders publically announced the apology.

Later, the pressure groups, KSU, FKJGP, HNYF and RBYF, who organised the programme sent an apology in the FKJGP media whatsapp group.

“On behalf of the FKJGP KSU HNYF and RBYF, i sincerely tender my apology to our good friend Bah Jose, for what was happened this morning in the sit- in -demonstration, I  understand that incident happened outside the venue much before the programme started but we will find out the person involved and take action.once again Bah Jose we are really sorry for what was happened to you  this morning” said the message of FKJGP president Wellbirth Ranee.

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