No early solution to border dispute: Conrad

Shillong, July 23: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has ruled out early solution to border dispute.

Addressing media persons after the first round of border talks with Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Friday, Sangma said that the solution is not going to be very simple.


“One should not expect or think that we will be able to resolve issues that have been pending for so long in a matter of days. This will require consultations, it will require a lot of homework, it will require us to really meet the people also at the grass root level and we also need to look at the current situation of the locations.”

According to the chief minister, depending totally on history and documentation of the past may not be the best approach altogether.

“So we are going to look at factual data but we need to also look at what other ways we could move forward to enable us to find a practical solution to the entire problem, which is going to be obviously amicable and acceptable to both sides in nature,” he said.

Terming the meeting as historic, the chief minister said,

“It is in a way a historic meeting because the Assam CM has come himself to the secretariat and met us here which also sends a very positive message to the people of the state that Assam is very keen to see that we find a solution to this very long pending issue that we have,” he said.

The chief minister admitted that people in the border area have been suffering a lot due to the long pending dispute as it always led to a lot of differences and violence also in the process and people have not been able to stay in peace and have not received the development they deserve.

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