Pala concerned over casino, border issue

Shillong, Sept 18:The MPCC president, Vincent Pala has assured to scrap the MoU on border deal once voted to power and criticised the state government for Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Act, 2021 and Meghalaya Regulation of Gaming Rules, 2021.

Speaking to reporters on Saturday, the MPCC president pointed out that the government does not allow the teachers to speak and explain to the public about politics but instead gambling is allowed.


The government had banned teachers from taking part in election.

Pala said normally teachers are a medium to enlighten the public on politics and also about voting.

Pala also wondered as to how the chief minister is enthusiastically leading the gambling committee.

On the border issue, Pala said Meghalaya’s map is becoming smaller and smaller due to border dispute. “It is very unfortunate Assam has given us the land and now we are giving it back to Assam”, he said

According to Pala, if the people in the border are not happy with the MoU, why should one impose it. “Only to get one good building, only to get one hotel and you have to send so many lands. We are in the Sixth Schedule, all the people who live within its jurisdiction they got different facilities, now all these will go  to Assam”, he said.

The Shillong MP said the MDA has not done any social impact assessment and no public hearing. “They just notified. They went to the border and Assam dictated the MoU. It is totally a sellout. Today they are in the ruling and they are in good terms with Assam. The maximum loss of the prime property is for Meghalaya. If Congress comes to power we will rethink on the border. We will go to the Supreme Court to challenge the MoU signed between Assam and Meghalaya”, Pala said.

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