Panels to examine minority tribes’ demand for 15% job reservation

Shillong June 26: Chief Minister Conrad Sangma wanted the government committees to examine the demand made by the indigenous minority tribes for 15% job reservation.

“Different indigenous minority tribes have submitted a memorandum. Accordingly, I have told them that the memorandum will be further given to the committee of all political parties and further also to the expert committee. Let these committees examine the demand and come back to us,” he said.


The  Meghalaya Indigenous Minority Tribes met the chief minister and demanded 15 percent job reservation for the Rabha, Boro, Hajong, Koch and Mann tribes in the Garo Hills region of the state.

“We would earnestly request you to kindly consider and give 15% quota, as and when the existing Reservation Policy is reviewed, to the Indigenous Minority Tribes of Meghalaya specifically for- Hajongs, Koches, Rabhas, Boro-Kacharies and Manns and give them a scope to grow and come at par with the Khasis, Garos and Jaintias”, the memorandum said.

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