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Beauty basics with SHAHNAZ HUSAIN

Summer’s sweltering heat may be gone, but the humidity is here to stay. With the advent of the monsoon, the humidity will be at its peak and that will lead to sweating and dripping of makeup.
Now that the lockdown restrictions have eased in many states, people are venturing out, with caution, to enliven the pre-pandemic days. Though faces are covered with masks, most women do not forget the basic makeup before stepping out of the house.
However, the humidity and the rain can prove disastrous. While it may not be the wisest idea to step out with layers of make-up and succumbing to nature’s tantrums, going completely barefaced is not an option either. So, what do you do?
Waterproof make-up products may be more suitable. They contain ingredients like fats, waxes and silicon, which do not allow the make-up to smudge.
A powder-based foundation will last longer in the humid weather. Also, using a primer is very essential before applying the make-up, the reason being that it acts as a barrier between your skin and the make-up. This is the most essential step for prepping up your skin and holding the makeup for a longer time.
If you can get hold of a light-textured primer, it would be good for the monsoons. It will help absorb oil and sweat and thus help the foundation last longer. During the monsoons, a powder or gel primer may be better.
Stay away from heavy foundations. Compact powders are also ideal for touching up. Carry wet tissues and compact powder in your handbag to refresh both skin and make-up.
If you want to apply foundation, apply an astringent lotion first, using cotton wool. After a few minutes, wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and apply it on the skin for a few seconds. This also helps to close the pores. Or, try cold compress with chilled rose water. It closes the pores, refreshes the skin, and adds a glow. Go for a water-based foundation, adding a drop or two of water for a lighter coverage.
The trend is towards the natural look, with less blush-on. A faint flush would be suitable. Powder blushers are easier to apply and are best for humid weather.
Using waterproof eye make-up basics (liner, kohl, and mascara) are recommended in rainy weather to save your makeup from dripping away.
Gloss and cream lipstick should not be used as they would bleed in the humid weather. For the lips, frosted sheen or glimmer would be good.
For oily skin, the use of an astringent lotion before foundation or powder will help make-up last. After applying astringent lotion, wait for a few minutes, and then apply foundation.
When you apply powder, press it on the face and neck with a slightly damp sponge. This helps it to set and last longer.
It’s best when it’s neither too much nor too little. The right kind of shades matter. Less is more, that’s the beauty of makeup.


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