Plight of Kalatek villagers beyond polls

Kalatek (Shella border): This hamlet under Shella is one of the two polling stations in the state which is inaccessible by road as boats are used to reach them whenever the river swells.

The other is Kamsing under Amlarem in West Jaintia Hills.


During a visit to Kalatek, it was made known by the residents that the problem does not limit to the trouble the polling personnel  undergo but there is a perennial worry for the villagers.

Destruction caused by the past flood at Kalatek (MM)

The residents-students, the young and the old- daily- cross the Shella river. During summer , many have to wade across the river.

The immediate need is a bridge across the river, according to the residents.

There was an instance of a woman giving birth on a boat and the child developed deformities.

A house destroyed by the past flood at Kalatek ( MM)

The major anxiety for the residents is the destruction of houses during flood.

Many houses were destroyed due to flood in the past forcing the villagers to move out to safer places.

“As houses are washed away and destroyed , many have shifted to Naya Basti across the river”, said Kesav Biswas who fears that his house close to the river bank will also face natur’s fury.

These residents have shifted to nearby Nayabasti (MM)

The villagers, mostly non-indigenous population-sought the intervention of the government to address the heavy soil erosion leading to loss of land and buildings.

Issues related to water supply, electricity and health centres are other concerns.

Kalatek A polling booth has 540 voters and Kalatek B 468 voters.

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