PM reiterates free vaccines to all

New Delhi, June 28 (UNI): Congratulating all those participating in the country’s Covid vaccination drive, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday reiterated his commitment to provide free vaccines to all.

In a tweet, the Prime Minister said, “India’s vaccination drive keeps gaining momentum! Congrats to all those who are driving this effort. Our commitment remains vaccines for all, free for all.”


The Prime Minister has also shared a graphics related to vaccination of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with his tweet.

In this graphics, comparative figures have been given on total number of vaccine doses administered in the country so far and vaccinations abroad. According to these figures, India has overtaken the US in the total number of Covid vaccines administered so far.

While India has administered over 32.36 crore doses so far since January 16, the US, where the vaccination drive commenced from December 14, 2020, has vaccinated 32.33 crore people.

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