Police begin probe into FIR against Marcuise Marak; matter to be taken up with election officer

Shillong, April 5: The police in Williamnagar has started a probe into the complaint of activist Tennydard Marak regarding the alleged misleading and objectionable advertisements aimed at misguiding the voters by Marcuise N Marak and his party.

A police official said on Wednesday that while the district police will carry out investigation, the issue also relates to election complaint and this will have to be dealt by the East Garo Hills District Election Officer, who is the deputy commissioner.


The official said the status will be apprised to the petitioner.

Earlier, Tennydard had also sent a petition to the Election Commission of India regarding the matter.

Unedited FIR of Tennydard Marak below 

Dated : Williamnagar the 3rd April, 2023

To: The Officer-in- Charge,

Williamnagar Police Station.

Williamnagar, East Garo Hills,

Meghalaya, PIN – 794111


Informant: Tennydard M. Marak

Resident of House No. 72,

Nokgilawe, Williamnagar,

East Garo Hills, Meghalaya

PIN – 794111.

(Mobile: (M) 89745-09805/ 93664-61325)

Ref: : Complaint in respect of -Misleading Advertisements – objectionable Advertisements – misguiding the Voter by none other than Mr. Marcuise N Marak and his Party i.e., National Peoples Party (NPP vide letter dated 23rd March, 2023. 


Subject : COMPLAINT /F.I.R –

As per Section 154 (1) of the Cr. P. C. a Police Officer is duty bound to register a case on the basis of such information disclosing a cognizable offence and FIR has to be registered irrespective of territorial jurisdiction.


With reference to the above, with deep regret I am to inform as well as draw your kind attention/notice to the illegal activities such as misleading advertisements /objectional advertisements/misguiding the voter and breach of trusts of the public in general. Moreover, violation of the model code of conduct imposed by the Election Commission of India vide notification- “Application of Model Code of Conduct – General Elections to State Legislative Assemblies of Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura, 2023 and Bye-elections in Parliamentary /Assembly Constituencies of various states vide Notification No. 437/6/1/reg-EC/INST/MCC/2023 dated 18th January,2023.”

(Enclosed copy of Notice of Model Code of Conduct as ANNEXURE -I for your ready reference)

Whereas all parties and candidates shall avoid “Corrupt Practices” and offences under the election law, such as bribing the voters, intimidation of voter, impersonating of voters etc. etc.

Violation of Election Model Code of Conduct a common practice, which are seen to be blatantly done right under the nose of the EC, and very less has been dome in terms of punishing the guilty.

Chapter IXA – of offence relating to elections: –

Section 171 A: “Candidate”, “Electoral right” defined

Section 171 B: Bribery

Section 171 C: Undue influence at elections

Section 171 D: Personation at elections

Section 171 E: Punishment for bribery

Section 171 F: Punishment for undue influence and personation at an election

Section 171 G: False statement in connection with an election.

Although, I had filed a complaint Petition before the Chief Election Commissioner of India on 23rd March, 2023 with copies to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Hon’ble Home Minister of India as well as Hon’ble Chairman, North East Democratic Alliance, Dispur requesting their interference in the matter and make the necessary steps to declare the election of Mr. Marcuise N. Marak to be void for adopting corrupt practices and holding fresh election.

(Enclosed Complaint Petition dated 23/03/2023 as ANNEXURE -II for your ready reference)

Worth mentioning here that Mr. Marcuise N. Marak has circulated the alleged “Report Card – 2018-22” on behalf of the MLA 43, Williamnagar and the Hon’ble Chief Whip, Govt. of Meghalaya during his election campaign at 43, Williamnagar Assembly Constituency contains the activity report of his last five years performances. What is shocking to note that Mr. Marcuise N. Marak has circulated the “Report Card – 2018-22” on behalf of the MLA 43, Williamnagar and the Hon’ble Chief Whip, Govt. of Meghalaya printed and published by Shri Jesubell Ch. Marak (Block Secretary, NPP, 43, Williamnagar Constituency) on 3rd February, 2023 whereas the Model Code of Conduct imposed by the Election Commission on 18th January, 2023 is in operation in the state of Meghalaya with effect from 18th January, 2023 thereby amounts to clear violation of the Model Code of Conduct and therefore, his election deserves to be declared as illegal and fresh election be held. Mr. Marcuise N. Marak has not only deceived the voters of Williamnagar but also a case of breach of trust. Hence –

1. The “Report Card – 2018-22” – it is just a blatant violation of the Model Code of Conduct by none other than the Hon’ble MLA, 43, Williamnagar and the Hon’ble Chief Whip, Govt. of Meghalaya.

2. The “Report Card – 2018-22” contains false and fabricated report of achievement during 2018-2022 but contains no agenda of what he will do if he is elected and thereby misguided the voters by showing his fabricated performance report which has no foot to stand.

3. The “Report Card – 2018-22” exposed the true picture of his zero performances report so to say as the works are either incomplete or not done anything at all but claimed to have done it. The pictures given in my Petition to the Chief Election Commissioner of India will reveal the truth of my claim.

4. The “Report Card – 2018-22” claims to have done beautification of the Williamnagar Girls Secondary School is nothing but a blatant false and fabricated claim of Mr. Marcuise N. Marak. If you visit the school today you will find the actual truth of his false claim as the school has boundary wall with rotten rested C.I. Sheets and most importantly the Girls has no gate which is a must for any school.

5. The “Report Card – 2018-22” – also claims under Sl. No. 7 (a) PMGSY: Road from Nengmandalgre ONI Mandalgre (35 KM) costing Rs. 80 crores are a Road under “Prime Ministers Gram Sadak Yajna” which he has nothing to do but he did not even hesitate to take the credit of the work of PMGSY unduly. It is a matter of great shame.

(Enclosed “Report Card – 2018-22” as ANNEXURE -III for your ready reference)

I have waited for more than 10 (Ten) days but unfortunately no action has been initiated till date for such an important issue. Under compelling circumstances, I am filing this FIR with enough prima facie evidence so that the Police can verify the truth and initiate appropriate steps after due investigation and book him under proper section of law and leave an example of rule of law that “nobody is above the law” before the society at large – which is the need of the present hour.

Mr. Marcuise N. Marak, MLA 43, Williamnagar and the Hon’ble Chief whip of Govt. of Meghalaya has not only misused his official power deliberately, which he is not supposed to, which is illegal , misguided the voter and the public in general and lowered the dignity of the Political Party , NPP by giving false/fake and fabricated Advertisement by circulating the “Report Card – 2018-22” to win the 43, Williamnagar Assembly Election is nothing but an act amounts to criminal breach of trust, producing fake/false/fabricated evidence , cheating the public at large, applying fraudulent means for vested interest to woo the voters to win the 43, Williamnagar Assembly seat by hook or by crook and was successful also. Such a fraud personality should not be allowed to hold any public office under no circumstance as he has lost his creditability to be public representative anymore and therefore, should be booked under proper section of law as immediate as possible in the interest of justice as it is said that “Justice delayed is justice denied”.

Under the above facts and circumstances and on the basis of prima-facie evidences produced before you, it is my humble request to kindly register a case under proper section of law and initiate strictest action against the guilty without wasting any further loss of time.

A prompt action will highly be appreciated from your end. Thanking you,

(Tennydard M. Marak)

A true and concerned citizen of India,

(M) 89745-09805/ 93664-61325

Name of the Accused: Marcuise N. Marak

S/o. Late Subendra Marak,

Resident of Balsrigittam,

East Garo Hills, Williamnagar,

Meghalaya – 794111.

Copy for information & necessary action to:

The Director General of Police, Meghalaya, Shillong

The Superintendent of Police, Williamnagar, East Garo Hills

The Deputy Commissioner, Williamnagar, East Garo Hills

The Returning Officer, 43, Williamnagar Assembly Constituency

The Editor, Print & Electronic media – for necessary publication

(Tennydard M. Marak)

A true and concerned citizen of India,

(M) 89745-09805 / 93664-61325

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