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Prashant Kishore’s team waits for RT-PCR report

Agartala, July 27 (UNI): Tripura police on Tuesday said 23 members of Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) of poll strategist Prashant Kishore would not be allowed to come out until their RT-PCR report tests them negative.

The I-PAC team was made house arrest on Sunday night in a city hotel who arrived in the state last week to study the prospect of Trinamool Congress and the strategies to begin with the party activities in BJP-governed Tripura.


According to report, around 1 am on Sunday, East Agartala police raided the hotel against the I-PAC team but were not able to meet them in the night. They were called for documents verification and ascertained their purpose of visit on Monday morning.

Allegedly, I-PAC officials have been harassed by the police and told them not to go anywhere in Tripura for the purpose of the Trinamool Congress but when they raised objections over such uttering, police warned them to book under Epidemic Disease Act and Disaster Management Act, as they had violated the Covid norms, an I-PAC team member said.

Afterwards, police called up health staff in the hotel and collected their sample for RT-PCR test and they were asked to remain at the hotel till their report came back negative.

Also, told them if any of them found positive in the test, all of them would be sent for two-week quarantine, he stated.

“We are told that at least two days will take to get our Covid test report and then authorities will decide the next course of action. We are Indian came to Agartala on July 20 last with an RT-PCR negative report as per the rule. Then we engaged in our task across the state but suddenly, the way police raided us and harassed us for last two days it’s nothing but violation of citizens’ fundamental rights and basic human rights too,” the agitated I-PAC member pointed out.

The Superintendent of Police of West Tripura, Manik Lal Das, said as part of the routine checking, police found presence of a good number of ‘outsiders’ in the hotel from various states including Jammu & Kashmir. They had roamed various places of the state, “which prompted us to go for re-testing them”.

“Since Covid restrictions are in force, we took an inquiry to verify the reason behind their arrival and if found them negative, they will be allowed to go.”

Meanwhile, I-PAC sources said their boss has directed them to move back as soon as get the Covid report.

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