Prestone wants Sanbor & Hek to sort out differences

Shillong, July 11: NPP national vice president and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong wanted the two BJP MLAs – Sanbor Shullai and AL Hek – to resolve their differences.

“All I have to say is let them sort out in the BJP committee because I am not a member of the BJP I cannot say anything. But my suggestion to all of them is to please sort it out in your appropriate platform and the platform is BJP executive committee or whatever they call it,” Tynsong told reporters on Monday.


Tynsong, who is also in-charge parliamentary affairs said he was not physically present at the meeting convened by the BJP to garner support for the presidential candidate as he was in Delhi and that he only came to know about the incident through the media.

“In fact as parliamentary affairs minister in-charge it has nothing to do with that particular meeting as that is not inside the House, it is outside the House – that is purely a meeting for election so it is totally outside the House so there is no comment from me as parliamentary affairs minister,” he said.

Tynsong, however, said, “I personally feel decorum has to be there always. When I speak I think my colleague MLA should not interrupt when he speaks or they speak. I am supposed not to interrupt it inside the House or be outside the House.”

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