Raid turns political, Bernard says CM after him and family due to fear of losing seat

Shillong, July 23: Bernard N Marak, state vice president of BJP alleged that Chief Minister Conrad Sangma has made things very personal by asking the police to link Friday’s raid with some POCSO cases in February this year.

“I was always cooperating with any investigation and we are never absconding”, Marak said in a statement issued on Saturday.


“Why should that case (February)  be linked to yesterday’s raid now? A pre-meditated raid was conducted in my private farm house and later at my mom’s house and all allegations are targeted to arrest me with fabricated allegations. The raid was conducted without warrant at the instruction of chief minister Conrad Sangma wherein all the state machineries have been abused by CM. It was shocking to see a Deputy Commissioner and SP present during the raid which was conducted without warrant. In normal circumstances, it’s the excise department which conducts such raid but in my case, it was a power head mode. All protocols are violated at will. It’s my private property and it stands outside municipal area. It’s true there is no license as I am a tribal but allegation of running a brothel is false. None of those detained were involved in any indecent activities. The police trespassed and harrassed the minor students whom I was sponsoring to study and alleged them to be involved in sexual activities which is so bad”, Marak said.

According to the BJP leader, It’s very immature on the side of the chief minister to target him and his family members just because he is losing ground politically.

“People are losing faith in NPP-led government in the state and it is sure that NPP will lose most of the seats in the state. The night before the raid, some NPP youths were engaging in negative postings and the night after the raid. many NPP supporters were posting the matters first hand as only media that accompanied the raid was NPP sponsored Hub news. The desperate attempt to malign my image and harass my family members and supporters is eminent in the way they took the law in their hands. CM also drinks and parties, and most of his supporters own the wine stores in the state and run bars but why isn’t he within the same purview of the law? Is he above it? Marak said.

According to Marak, If he (CM) can have his private parties at his residence with alcohol being served why can’t another citizen within the same boundary of law be allowed to do so? This is a tribal state and eating and drinking is part of culture, he added.

“This vengeful act shows an ulterior motive behind the CM’s mind. Targetting my personal image with a greater intent aimed at the BJP, to create a negative impact on the voters’ mindset is what looks like the motive behind such an act”, he said adding that poster campaign, around Tura undertaken by NPP youth wing against his objection in the district council to issue patta in non- scheduled areas by converting schedule areas to non- scheduled areas show how low can he stoop. How can district council assign scheduled areas as non scheduled?, he said.

This is against the tribal community and in complete violation of the sixth schedule. BJP is raising a voice against illegal activities by NPP and now the CM is doing everything within his power to ensure that the BJP doesn’t win a seat in Meghalaya. “His divide and rule formula is evident. He has created a rift between our two sitting MLAs and given a ticket to Hek’s nephew to fight against him on his party ticket”, he said.

Even Sanbor Shullai was unnecessarily dragged into a controversy for something that got completely blown out of proportion. Ever since the NPP was sidelined in Manipur, all their frustrations are being poured in the state against the BJP,  he added.

It’s high time that an overhyped CM, seriously under performing government and a complete failure in all administrative fronts be all that it takes not to vote them back to power”, Marak added.

Questions on prostitute comments

Bernard said matured individual cannot be called a prostitute for partying and no home stay can be termed a brothel.

“Chief Minister has made things very personal by allowing police to frame human trafficking /prostitutions over his own voters. The raid took a new twist when the SP linked yesterday’s raid with some POCSO case registered in February. I was not an accused in that case yet they linked it to me because they desperately need to arrest me as ordered. I always cooperated with the police investigations and I never absconded from any investigation. Why should that case be linked to yesterday’s raid and are innocent youths detained unlawfully?”, he said.

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