Rao gets new job, NGOs voice concern over rehabilitation

Of post retirement posts

Shiillong, Sept 29: The hurry in appointing the outgoing Chief Secretary MS Rao to a new post has irked many NGOs in the state.

The NGOs, who did not want to be quoted,  recalled that the government had in the past bypassed Hector Marwein, who was senior to Rao. However, the irony was that Marwein did not get any political appointment after his retirement.


The MDA government appointed Rao as the Chief Commissioner , State Public Service Delivery Commission.

The criticism of the NGOs is that Rao was never a people-friendly man and hence how can he handle public service delivery.

The explanation given by the state government when it appointed Rao as chief secretary was that he will bring many development schemes from Delhi.

Appointment of retired bureaucrats is nothing new for the past and the present governments.

Those who got post retirement appointments in the past include PJ Bazeley, CD Kynjing ,WMS Pariat, P Naik, BK Dev Verma, PS Thangkhiew, KN Kumar, PW Ingty among others.

The government had created various posts to accommodate the retired government officials.

Politico-officers nexus is cited as the reason for appeasement of retired bureaucrats.

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