Roberts hospital gets special ambulance

Shillong, Aug 24:  Michael Kharsyntiew, trustee of  KTIEW EMS TRUST London UK, on Tuesday released force trax ambulance at Dr H Gordon Roberts Hospital.

To support the hospital, the trust has released Rs 40.5 lakh which includes the purchase of the basic life support ambulance at a cost of Rs 13.5 lakh.


Kharsyntiew said the ambulance is equipped with 2 oxygen cylinders, first of a kind available in Shillong hospitals , cardiac monitors , two portable SPO monitors, and other high tech equipment to provide facilities of a portable ICU room for patients’ transfer.

The ambulance under the guidance of the National Ambulance Service will be used to transport serious and critical patients from one medical facility to another.

Kharsyntiew said being SUV type ambulance, it has service capability and outreach.

The ambulance can reach PHCs and CHCs in far flung villages of the state to transport patients for better medical facilities as advanced life support might be required during the journey to the hospital.

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