Rymbui assures action against assault incidents

Shillong, Jan 25: Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui has said the police are on the task to arrest the culprits behind the recent assault incidents at Lumdiengjri and Jaiaw areas in the city.

“Police are investigating the incidents. I am hopeful that with a very short span of time police will be able to nab the culprits who are trying to disturb the peace and tranquility in and around the city,” Rymbui told reporters on Tuesday.


While three people were injured when they were attacked by miscreants at Lumdiengjri area on January 20, four were injured after they were assaulted by a group of over 20 miscreants while they were working at Dinam Hall in Jaiaw on January 24.

A case has been registered in connection with the Lumdiengjri incident but not regarding the   Jaiaw incident.

No communal, political angles 

To a question, the home minister denied any communal and political angle to the  incidents.

“There is no communal angle to these incidents. It is in the mind of the people. Many people try to paint each and every incident as a communal issue. So this is a very bad thing because we cannot deny the fact that incidents do not happen only here but everywhere it is happening but I don’t know only in Meghalaya whenever anything happens, we always paint it and give a  communal colour,” he said.

“Once we paint everything in communal colour, criminals will take refuge in that colour and it is like emboldening them to do anything which tries to harm the peace and tranquility in the state,” he said.

According to Rymbui, if the incidents are politically motivated, let the investigation be completed so that everything will be revealed and that the law will take its own course of action. 

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