Sanbor: From threat of suicide on CAA to beef eating & supporting Mizo MP

City residents take minister's comments lightly

Shillong, July 31: BJP MLA Sanbor Shullai did not commit suicide after his party-led government at the Centre implemented Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

Hence, the people in Meghalaya are not taking his comments seriously on beef eating and supporting Mizoram MP who had advocated violence against Assam after the border incident.


In April 2019, Sanbor, who was the BJP candidate from Shillong Parliamentary constituency, had threatened to kill himself if the then Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) and now the CAA is implemented in Meghalaya and in the rest of the Northeast.

He had also urged the BJP leadership at the Centre to scrap the CAB if it comes back to power in 2019.

“I have also given a letter to the party high command that I will resign from the party if the CAB is implemented and I will be the first MLA to reach Delhi from North East on this matter,” he had said.

When asked, several residents of the state said that they are viewing the stand of Sanbor on various controversial issues lightly as he had uttered similar things in the past.

Sanbor, who was with the NCP, joined the BJP prior to the Assembly elections in 2018 fearing that his opponent will also join the BJP to defeat him. After Sanbor joined the BJP, the opponent unsuccessfully contested from the Congress.  He was sworn in as a minister on July 27.

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