Sanbor paints a secular image of BJP

Shillong, Dec 21: Cabinet Minister Sanbor Shullai, representing BJP, has projected a secular image of the party ahead of the Assembly polls.

Majority of the office bearers of the BJP are from the Christian faith, Shullai said on Wednesday.


“Our state president Ernest Mawrie and MLA Alexander Hek are both Catholics and I being from indigenous faith represent our seng khasi & sein raid communities. Hek has been constantly pursuing the allotment of land for constrution of KJP synod building in Delhi. Bah Mawrie has been vocal in airing the concerns of the Catholic church before the central leadership”, Shullai said.

We Card criticised 

In a separate statement, the BJP spokesperson M Kharkrang questioned the real intent of the recently announced ‘We Card’ by the TMC.

Kharkrang said that this failed scheme was already on-going in West Bengal under the aegis of ‘Lakshmir Bhandar’. The scheme in WB is marked with favouritism in the selection of beneficiaries, he added.

The BJP also attacked TMC for its false promises and their track records on corruption, hooliganism, violence based politics, appeasement, and on turning independent states into dole dependant societies.

The BJP spokesperson said that the TMC in Meghalaya is like the East India Company which has come into the state with a mindset to plunder its peace and harmony, and to create in Meghalaya another mishap like the West Bengal.

Kharkrang said that the TMC is a regional party of West Bengal with no understanding of Meghalaya and its people. He argued that while the TMC spoke about wanting sons of the soil to run the state, they would continue to run a proxy govt from West Bengal. This, he said, is already evident from the promises that they are making. He said, they wanted to replicate their failed West Bengal model of mis-governance in Meghalaya as well.

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