Special KHADC panel to discuss clan bill

Shillong,Dec 21: Titosstarwell Chyne, who is the Leader of Opposition in the KHADC, said a special committee constituted by the council will discuss the status of the KHAD (Social Custom of Clan Administration) Bill.

“I don’t know what is the future of the Clan Bill and whether it is still required or not. But I don’t dare to comment now as there is a special committee to look into this. We will allow the special committee to discuss the fate of the Clan Bill,” Chyne told reporters on Friday.


The KHADC has passed the KHAD (Khasi Social Custom of Lineage (Amendment) Bill, 2023 after deciding to shelve the KHAD (Social Custom of Clan Administration) Bill.

Chyne said the Clan Bill, which was introduced and passed during the tenure of late HS Shylla in 2018, had sought to strengthen the clan administration but the same was returned by the Governor.

A special committee headed by nominated member Bindo M Lanong was formed after the new executive committee  took over in 2019, and it has taken over 3 years to discuss with all stakeholders on the Clan Bill.

The EC has taken a decision to shelve the Clan Bill by passing the Lineage (Amendment) Bill.

“In fact, the Lineage (Amendment) Bill is just a copy paste of the clauses in the Clan Bill. However, one of the reasons we agreed to the Amendment Bill was to include the practice of Shaw Bhoi in Ri Bhoi District. Many students are not getting their scheduled tribe certificates because we are yet to issue the Khasi tribe certificate,” he said.

He thanked the local MDC Balajied Ranee for raising the issue related to the practice of Shaw Bhoi since it was finally included in the amendment bill passed.

The Clan Bill has more teeth than the Lineage Amendment Bill, Chyne said, adding that this is because only the objective of the Clan Bill was incorporated in the Lineage Amendment Bill but it is without any teeth.

“But the Lineage Amendment Bill is just to recognize the Seng Kur and to register them but we cannot see that it has the power to empower the Seng Kur,” he said.

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