State follows up on release of SSA funds with Centre

Rymbui in Delhi to discuss education matters

Shillong,Nov 9: Education official Ambrose Marak said on Tuesday that the state government hopes to get required funds from the Centre to release the pending salary of SSA teachers for five months.

Speaking to reporters, Marak said the state government is pursuing the matter with the Centre and all the documents were submitted. Other states are also experiencing the same problem, he added.

The official said even the Education Minister is in Delhi to follow up the matter among other pending issues.

The release of funds is on 90-10 pattern as the Centre will share 90 per cent and the remaining 10 per cent is the responsibility of state government.

On the issue of regularisation of the SSA teachers on a par with the government teachers, the official said it depends on the policy decision of the government.

Many SSA educational institutes are run by managing committees, religious groups and traditional bodies and it is unlikely that they want to be taken over by the government, he said.

According to Marak, the government requires Rs 34 crore per month to pay the salary of the SSA teachers.

He also said the enhancement of salary depends on the financial position of the state government.

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