Survey team nod awaited to start dewatering of abandoned mine

Shillong, June 6: The East Jaintia Hills district administration is awaiting report of the directorate of land records and surveys to dewater the abandoned mine which connects the mine at the accident site.

An official source said on Sunday that the district administration in advance has mobilised additional local manpower to jointly work with the rescue teams of NDRF, SDRF and police in dewatering the abandoned shaft once confirmed by the survey team.


The Director of Land Records and Surveys is expected to start the survey by early Monday.

According to the official source, the administration is mobilising more equipment like gen set, water pumps, pipes and cables for use at the abandoned shaft suspected to be connected with main shaft as soon as confirmation from the technical persons from the office of the director of land records is received.

Earlier, in continuation of the rescue operation, the rescue teams of NDRF and SDRF verified the level of the water before resuming the dewatering process and found that it receded to around ten feet from the level of the previous day.

Around midday, pipe from the submersible water pumps got dislodged and the same was rectified and dewatering resumed under the supervision of the NDRF and SDRF to ensure safety of the workers.

At present, four water pumps are being used and two more water pumps have been fitted for use.

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