Tourist taxi association wants ban on outside vehicles

Shillong, July 9: The all Khasi Meghalaya  tourist taxi association on Tuesday demanded ban on tourist vehicles from other states to take visitors to tourist places in Meghalaya.

The association met Tourism Minister Paul Lyngdoh and submitted a letter in this regard.


According to the demand, the government should ban all vehicles of other states to carry touring passengers from Shillong to different tourist spots of the state.

The association passed a resolution on July  1 and unanimously decided to urge Tourism  minister to  ssue an order to ban all kinds of vehicles of other states to carry passengers from Shillong  to different tourist spots of the  state.

“This does not mean that the association is against the aims and objectives of tourism in the state that outside vehicles are free to bring tourists to our state, but it is the right and duty of local tourist vehicles to usher them to different tourist spots. The destination of outside state vehicles end in Shillong and back to where they come from.

According to the direction of the director tourism department, the association has made a survey of all types of vehicles, buses, tourist vehicles and even private vehicles plying inside the state.

The association has further collected the following data.

(1) No of vehicles bringing tourists is 3543 (ii) nno of outside state vehicle is 2437.

(iii) No of local vehicles is 1106.

(iv) No of Meghalaya vehicles registered is 5120 (v) no of Meghalaya vehicles without passengers is 4014.

The statistics shows how th local vehicles are losing in terms of revenue., the association said.

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