Two killed in landslide in Mawkynrew Block

Shillong,April 4: Two persons died on Monday due to landslide following incessant rain in East Khasi Hills.

The landslide occurred at Mawlat village under Mawkynrew Block when Rohit Kshiar (14) of Mawlat village and Dilibon Tangsang (35) of Mawkria were passing through the  area of landslide .


According to the report on natural calamities under East Khasi Hills released by the deputy commissioner, due to adverse weather conditions on Monday, landslides occured in the district  causing loss of two lives and damage to public infrastructure.

Landslide at Wahumkhrah river near Lawmali quarter.

A portion of the road was eroded due to landslides at Wahumkhrah river near Wahingdoh. Part of the area has been cordoned off to prevent any further accidents. Instruction was given to MeECL, PWD and SMB for immediate damage assessment and restoration work..

Mawphlang Balat road under Mawsynram Block .

Landslide occurred at 33rd km of Mawphlang Balat road. Clearing of the road is in process. Instruction has been given for immediate damage assessment and restoration work. The road has since been cleared and vehicles are now allowed to ply, the DC’s report said.

Shillong –Dawki Road ( NH- 40)

The road was cut–off at a place above Saitbakon village. One vehicle was stuck at the place of incident. No casualty was reported and all persons were evacuated from the vehicle. Students stranded enroute to their board exams were given assistance by police and were able to reach their centres. Restoration work has been in progress all day and at 5 pm, the road has been cleared. PWD and NHIDCL have been instructed to keep teams on standby in case of any more adverse weather conditions, the report said

Under Mawkynrew C&RD Block

Two houses and two shops were damaged at Umblai village due to landslide. The houses belong to  Kro Kshiar – fully damaged and  Phrangki Khongjoh – partially damaged. The shops of Sngur Khongjoh and Kshonti Mary Khongjoh were also affected by landslides.

In Thangbnai- Mawlyngkot road under the same Block, a vehicle was washed away due to landslide but no casualty was reported.

Due to landslide in Lyngshing village, four houses belonging to Jamin Surong, Judia Nongrum, Kastina Nongrum, Kyrkhu Longshiang and Hem Bina were damaged.

Bina was also injured during the incident.


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