Valentine’s Day route to overcome urban voter apathy

Shillong, Feb 13: The office of the Chief Electoral Officer, will be launching Mission 300 – My Vote My Valentine on February 14 at Community Hall cum Sports Complex, Dorbar Shnong Jaiaw Shyiap Lumpyllon at 7 pm.

The objective of the programme is to address the low voter turn-out in several polling stations i.e 5 polling stations per Assembly ,constituency where voting percentage was below state average of nearly 87% that has been identified across 60 Assembly constituencies. The programme which is being launched from North Shillong assembly constituency will also be held across the 7 Assembly constituencies of Shillong urban and other districts as well.


Rangbah Shnong, Seng Samla of low turn-out Assembly constituencies and election Icons will participate in the Mission 300.

Why mission 300

The CEO explains about why 300 was chosen.

“Average turnout in 2018 LA elections was 86.9 nearly 87%

5 polling stations per AC whose voter turnout average was below above average identified

Total šŸŸ° 5 x 60 = 300 PS

Therefore Mission 300 with an aim to pull up these 300 low voter turnout PS.

Aim to reach at least 90% voter turn out overall”

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