Victims of natural calamity yet to get relief

Shillong, Jan 24: The Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC) Mihngi Circle has set a deadline of 15 days to the Pynursla Block Development Officer (BDO) to release the relief sanctioned for two families affected by natural calamity in 2019.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, HYC president Edmund Khongngai said though relief of Rs 1 lakh was sanctioned for Barihun Tynsong and Rs 5,200 for Monlang Khongwir after their houses were damaged by cyclone, they are yet to receive the amount.


“Unfortunately, even after three years, the BDO is yet to release the relief sanctioned for the two victims. Therefore, we have decided to serve a 15-day deadline to the BDO concerned to take necessary action on this matter,” he said.

Khongngai added that failing to comply will only compel the organisation to take stern action to ensure justice is delivered to the affected families.

The HYC has also decided to file a complaint with the authorities as per the Meghalaya Rights to Public Services Act (MRPSA), 2020, which seeks to provide for time bound delivery of the services to the citizens in the state including liability on government servant in case of default to deliver service.

Government servants are liable to pay penalty and compensation of Rs 5,000 up to Rs 20,000 if they fail to provide time bound services to the citizens, as per the act.

He said due to delay, Barihun, who is also a mother of nine children, was compelled to stay with her relatives as she could not afford to rebuild her house.

“Both Barihun and Monlang were asked to update their respective passbooks almost every week with the assurance that the money will be credited to their accounts,” Khongngai pointed out

Monlang said the amount spent on travelling has crossed the amount sanctioned as relief. “We are told to update our passbooks every week but till now no money was credited to our account,” she said.

The HYC leader said the work order issued to Barihun was also signed by the the Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong, who is the MLA of Pynursla.

“We condemn the MLA for not helping the affected poor families and the BDO for trampling upon their rights,” he said.

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