VPP may change the election equation in Shillong


I have a keen interest in the elections of our country. Having watched, observed and judged carefully the events that unfurled during the last five years, I have concluded that in this round of elections, 2024, the BJP under Narendra Modi, will bounce back to power for the third term, if not with a landslide victory. This will happen despite scoring fewer seats from the southern states. Nothing will prevent him from becoming the Prime Minister for the third time unless prevented by some unfortunate event.

Coming to our state, Meghalaya, according to my reading, the NPP candidate in the Tura Parliamentary Constituency has an easy edge over the rival candidates of TMC and the Congress. Whereas in the Shillong Parliamentary Constituency, the election scenario will be interesting to watch. The emergence of VPP, though a fledgling political party, may cut across the vote bank of all political parties and may cause havoc to the chances of candidates of many parties. However, as can be judged from records, in a multi-cornered contest, the Congress may come out victorious because its vote bank is sizeable and it is not easily breakable. However, this time it is not so. There is heavy anti-incumbency against the sitting MP. He has been given a chance to be MP for three consecutive terms and brought nothing for the development of his constituency. He has been ineffective in the Lok Sabha and not vocal about the vital issues of our state or country. Other MPs, especially new brand MPs in other parts of India, are dynamic and vocal and shook the Lok Sabha like a violent earthquake. One example is TMC’s Mahua Moitra. What happened to our MP, Vincent Pala? So, voters here should be mindful before they send their representatives to the Lok Sabha.
Yours etc.,ย 
Philip Marweiรฑย 
Senior Journalist

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