Workers’ body seeks support during Covid

Shillong,April 30: Workers Power of Meghalaya, a federation of independent trade unions, North East Domestic Workers Movement and Thma U Rangli-Juki (TUR), has expressed solidarity with the workers of Meghalaya on International Workers Day. โ€œThese are difficult days for the working people in India amidst the second wave of the raging pandemic brought upon this country by a government which ignores science, works at further privatising public health system, decimating the legal protection for the working classes and creating divisions among the people based on religious identities. But it is only through a strong working class movement and solidarities, this crisis can be transcendedโ€, the federation said.

According to the federation,on May Day, toiling citizens of Meghalaya demand that the crisis of pandemic is not used to further exploit the working people.


โ€œ We demand that the state provide income support, free rations, free vaccines and free healthcare for us. If the state ignores the workers, the pandemic is going to destroy the social fabric of our societyโ€, it said.


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