Tynsong offers training in public speaking to Abhishek Banerjee

Shillong,June 30: NPP leader Prestone Tynsong has offered to provide training to AITC leader Abhishek Banerjee on public speaking.

His reaction is after the TMC leader accused the NPP of being a puppet of the BJP besides calling the chief minister as conman.


Tynsong termed the views of Banerjee about the chief minister and the government as childish and immature.

“He  needs further training on how to go forward serving the people of India. For this training, he needs to come again to Shillong so that we will provide skill training to him so that he will understand how to use his language wherever he goes throughout India,” Tynsong told reporters on Thursday.

He said the AITC national general secretary is still very immature in politics 

“He is too immature because of a few reasons, one is just making allegations without any substantial evidence I think that is childish. And being the tallest leader of the TMC in India you are here in Meghalaya not even 24 hours, you pretend as if you know everything and where is that proximity of NPP and BJP”, he said.

Border issue 

On the observation of Banerjee that Meghalaya gave away tribal land to Assam, the deputy chief minister said, “He does not know anything about the boundary issues of Meghalaya and Assam. He joined politics yesterday and this problem had already started 50 years back. I don’t want to clarify anything. I don’t want to waste my time and I think we are born and brought up here in Meghalaya, we understand and we know better than anybody else,” Tynsong said.

Real virus and vaccine 

Tynsong said the NPP is the real fighter against the virus and that the AITC is nothing.

In response to the comments of Banerjee that the NPP is the virus and the AITC is the cure, Tynsong said “They  claimed that the NPP is the virus and TMC is the vaccine. I have not seen their senior leaders contributing in fighting the virus, then why talk about vaccines. I have not seen them participate in the fight against the virus,” he added.

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