Angela to contest from South Shillong, Pyrtuh from North

KAM Meghalaya announces candidates

Shillong, July 21: Social activists Angela Rangad and Kyrsoibor Pyrtuh have announced their candidatures to contest as independents from South Shillong and North Shillong constituencies respectively.

While the sitting legislator of South Shillong is Sanbor Shullai, KHNAM member Adelbert Nongrum represents North Shillong.


During the press conference held at Laban on Thursday to announce the decision, besides Rangad and Pyrtuh, leader of domestic workers’ movement Wanpynhun Kharsyntiew was also present.

They are part of KAM, Meghalaya which in many languages means work.

They are contesting as independents as registration process of KAM with Election Commission of India will take more time.

As democratic spaces shrinking, the new citizens’ platform for democratic renewals in Meghalaya christened KAM Meghalaya was formed in June 17.

Both Angela and Pyrtuh have said that they have no baggage of the past and hence they and their ideologies are easily acceptable to the people.

KAM is an invitation to transform a polity dominated by dynastic power and patronage and funded by destructive business interests, which requires the full and active participation of the working class.

According to the activists, the people may be workers, farmers, daily wage earners, students, self-employed youth, homemakers, teachers, artists, musicians, retired government servants, intellectuals and activists, but they share a passion for reclaiming democracy by speaking truth.

KAM believes that true change will come not through leaders but through the coming together of people who want to discover the values of democratic citizenship in their everyday life.

KAM aims to challenge the sense of hopeless cynicism present in the current political climate in the state that has sidelined the values of participatory democracy, accountability and honesty.

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