Artistes spread ‘Vote for Sure’ message through music video

Shillong, Feb 21: ‘Vote for Sure’ is the message that the state chief election office wants to spread among the electorate, old and young, for the February 27 polls in Meghalaya.

Summersalt and other renowned artistes of the state released a music video on January 25 to take the message far and wide.


The preparation for the elections is in full swing to communicate to the public on the importance of participation in the electoral process. With its unique campaign style, the campaign by the CEO, Meghalaya is reaching every nook and corner pan state and the use of social media has been maximized to relate to the youth and netizens who are electors.

The song and music video ‘I vote for sure’ features Summersalt and Meba Ofilia. Summersalt is also the election icon for the state and has been a natural ambassador to speak about the verticals of the Election Commission of India.

In this audio-video piece, Team CEO was categorical to also rope in state election icon and visually impaired band ‘Light after Dark’ who sang with so much purpose. The involvement of other artistes pan-Meghalaya, including another renowned band from the Garo hills ‘Nokpante’, is a creative treat and something to look out for.

The music video is a clarion call to the citizens and electors to come together to write their hopes and dreams and to exercise their power of choice. The chorus spells out this year’s slogan by the Election Commission of India that says

“Vote, vote, vote for sure

Nothing like voting, together we soar

Vote, vote, vote for now

So, all of us can win somehow”.

Using the analogy of the typical Shillong bazar bus and its hyper-local transport culture, the invitation for all people to get inside the democracy bus and call for each and every elector to come out and vote come election day. This expression was loud and clear in the second verse of the song,

“It’s all of us or none of us

Everybody, please get inside the bus

We’ve reasons to believe we can do this today

As long as we move, as we hope and pray.”

Meant for the masses, the song is hummable, anthemic and melodious. The engagement of Summersalt, a music troupe and known for its witty songs with mass appeals, is with the intention to reach out to the common crowd and connect with the least common denominator and the last person in the village.

This year, Election Commission of India has themed its campaign christened the Super Six Wheels of Democracy, namely, Youth, Persons with Disabilities, Women, Senior Citizens, EVM-VVPAT and Ethical Voting.

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