Benedic Marak loses House confidence

Battle not over as election of CEM is on Monday

Shillong, Jan 29: The GHADC Executive Committee (EC) led by CEM Benedic Marak collapsed on Saturday after his group lost the confidence of the House.

Marak and his group secured only 13 votes while the NPP which moved the no-confidence motion got 15 excluding the chairman.


In the House of 30, the vacant seat is of a nominated member.

BJP MDC Bernad Marak who supported Benedic said though they lost, the crucial election of the CEM will be held on Monday.

The current chairman, Rakesh Sangma, who is the brother-in law of the Chief Minister is likely to be the candidate of the NPP for the post of CEM.

The toppling game started after Benedic dropped three MDCs, including the cousin of the chief minister from the posts of chairmen. Later, several NPP MDCs resigned after Benedic sought the help of TMC MDCs and others to support the EC.

Benedic had on Friday moved a petition in the High Court of Meghalaya against the no-confidence motion but it was dismissed.

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