BJP MP for heritage museum in Kongthong

Shillong, Sept 27: The Rajya Sabha member from BJP, Rakesh Sinha has stressed the need of constructing a museum cum laboratory in the famed Kongthong village.

Sinha said during a programme held in the village on Monday that the visitors to the area should spend time at the museum and understand more about the village.


He assured to contact various ministries, including tribal affairs and the state government to open the museum and laboratory.

“The museum cum lab should house various voices and sound. The museum will study the cultural heritage of Kongthong and nearby villages. It should also study the history of this tradition, its impact, and use of this tradition and how it was perpetuated and how it can be strengthened,” Sinha said.

He said in future, Kongthong should also contact Kuşköy village in Turkey which has a similar tradition. The residents at Kuşköy have a whistled language.

“We will make a comparison between them, how they are similar, how they are different. How long their tradition has been,” he said.

According to Sinha, being a whistling village Kongthong is an attraction for the entire world.

“It is in the lap of nature. I see basically mother nature is in Kongthong,” he said.

Earlier, he said there is a need to study more villages in and around Kongthong having similar practices, culture and tradition.

He announced that three more villages adjoining Kongthong, — Mawmang, Mawsohmad and Sder- will be adopted by him .

Sinha said he is looking at adopting all the 12 villages under Khat-ar Shnong.

He laid the base on Monday to construct  a gate at the entrance of the village that will act like as check gate to limit the number of visitors.

He opened public toilets for the benefit of the villagers.

After the village was adopted by him, Sinha had launched several initiatives.

Recently, the Ministry of Tourism nominated the village for the World Tourism Organisation’s “Best Tourism Villages” award together with two other villages in the country.

Sohra legislator Gavin Mylliem and KHADC CEM T. Chyne were also present.

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