BJP reiterates need for independent probe into coal anomalies

Rympui says govt will examine Mukul's allegation; Ampareen's team wants to concentrate on constituencies not on coal

Shillong, Feb 16: The BJP state president and advisor to the chief minister, Ernest Mawrie has reiterated the demand for an independent probe into illegal coal mining and transportation.

In response to the revelation of TMC MLA Mukul Sangma regarding illegal coal mining , Mawrie said that there is a need for an independent probe.


Mukul had said easy money from illegal coal mining is being used to form militant groups and added that this is dangerous.

Home Minister Lahkmen Rymbui said though there are no reports in this regard, the matter will be probed.

However, the CLP leader Ampareen  Lyngdoh,who is supporting the government along with four others, wanted to concentrate on constituency rather than coal issue.

Her team has left it to the MDA government and the Leader of Opposition to deal with the matter.

Speaking to reporters , Ampareen said  the entire coal saga is something which an urban MLA like her will not be familiar with.

“We had a captain (Mukul) who was spearheading the entire redressal of this allegation but when the captain has gone somewhere else then we leave it to his wisdom to take it up from wherever he is now,” she said.

Ampareen also claimed  that as urban MLAs, they don’t have much information about the matter.

“Right now our reasons for joining the MDA government are very clear, our constituencies and their development is of prime importance. Allegations are something which will again deviate us from that,” Ampareen said

She said the issue is of little significance to her. “Right now, I’m concentrating on what I need to do for my constituency and each of our colleagues is concentrating on that. We would like to see at least our projects see the light of day and right now there are very very many projects of that nature.”

“If there seems to be some sort of an issue that continues to linger around this coal saga then let the NPP handle it, it would be correct, it would be correct because we cannot take too much baggage into our going into the MDA. We have 11 months flat, we don’t want to get distracted on this,” she added.

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