Cherish probe panel completes task, report by May 20

Shillong, April 23: The judicial inquiry commission probing the death of former HNLC leader Cherishstarfield Thangkhiew has completed the task on Saturday.

“I have completed the hearing and the report is reserved”, said retired Chief Justice T Vaiphei, who is heading the commission.


The commission discussed evidence for two days from Friday.

Though earlier the commission was to seek response from the police personnel to know the culpability of the crime so that they can defend themselves, the panel on Saturday decided not to issue notice.

Vaiphei said the report will be submitted on or before May 20.

The commission examined six police personnel , relatives of Cherishstarfield and two doctors as part of the probe..

The commission had also visited the residence of Cherishstarfield as he died there in police action.

After protests following the death of Cherishstarfield in August last year, the government had notified the terms of reference for the inquiry on August 20.

One of the terms of reference was to look into the circumstances leading to the police action on August 13 resulting in the death of Cherishstarfield at his residence at Mawlai Kynton Massar.

The commission was asked to give a fact finding report as to the culpability or otherwise of the police action resulting in the death of Thangkhiew.

Thirdly, any other circumstances which are relevant, in the opinion of the commission, can be taken up.

The notification said many complaints have been received by the state government alleging unnatural circumstances leading to the death of Thangkhiew and the public grievances and anguish due to these complaints and allegations have caused widespread disruption of public order and have become a matter of public importance.

Though the government had given three monthsโ€™ time for the commission to complete the probe, extension was sought a few times The last extension for the commission was granted on February 25.

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