CM opens two-day Tri Hills festival

Shillong, Nov 23: The Inaugural function of the Tri Hills festival was held on Friday  at the Soso Tham Auditorium with Chief Minister, Conrad Sangma praising the Arts and Culture department for its tireless efforts in promoting the unique culture of the Khasi, Jaintia and the Garo people of the state of Meghalaya along with its intricate components.
On the importance of the Tri Hills Festival, Sangma said, “As a society, it is important that we remember our roots and our identity… this should be inculcated and imbibed especially to our youth and coming generations as we are living in a world which is seamlessly connected globally through various advancements in technology and we might lose sight of who we are and where we come from. Hence, through initiatives like these, our government is trying to bridge the gap and remind us of our origins, practices and beliefs.”
He emphasised on the importance of documentation through various mediums whether it is print or other forms of electronic media so as to differentiate ‘who we are from the rest of the world and it is important that we celebrate through initiative like the Tri Hills Ensemble to preserve and promote the richness of the cultures of our state’. He extended his support to the youth who would take up steps in the documentation of the culture and tradition.
Commenting on the growth of the initiative, Sangma said,” I Congratulate the Arts and Culture Department for having successfully for the second time organised this Tri Hills Ensemble and from the looks of it, I can definitely see that it has grown bigger than what it was before and also understood that we have learnt a lot from the first event on the previous year and have made tremendous improvements.”
Also sharing his views in his keynote speech, Minister of Arts & Culture, Tourism and Textiles, Paul Lyngdoh quoted John Keats: “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.” as he emphasized that there in no end to learning when it comes to Arts & Culture. He said that there are three major themes for the Tri Hills Ensemble which is Culture, Cuisine and Crafts.
He said Meghalaya with an area of about 23,000 Square Kilometers is in the hope to spread culture and its components to the rest of the world just like how Bob Marley spread the influence of Reggae music from a small nation of Jamaica.
The two-day Tri Hills Ensemble-a celebration of three hills Khasis, Jaintias, and Garos  promises to showcase authentic culture, crafts, cuisine, costume, delicacies and drama from the state.


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