Condemning rampant violence & govt inaction in Meghalaya


In Meghalaya in the past and even today, incidents of wickedness, illegalities and crimes took place often and many times regularly due to our silence, indifference and apathy to the various crimes in society. Such incidents — such as murders, rapes, corruption in government offices and especially in high places, killings of innocent people and daily labourers, suppression and exploitation of the children, the weak, hapless women, widows and marginalised section of the society — have become rampant. The saddest part is that the MDA Government is so weak that people are made to believe that there is hardly any governance because the perpetrators of crimes are at large and roaming free. There is little law enforcement so much so that the criminals commit crimes rampantly, and at times, even law-fearing people are tempted to commit petty crimes that may lead to serious ones owing to non-enforcement of law and punishment.


Of late there were incidents of murders at Ichamati under Mawlong Sirdarship and Umsohkhlur under Mawroh locality of Mawlai allegedly committed by some activists of a popular organisation. It may be recalled that there are so many incidents of killings of non-tribal labourers in so many work sites in our state, especially in Khasi Hills employed by tribals, institutions or companies from outside the state. The incident at Umoid near Jakrem on February 24, 2021, was also gruesome in which one labourer was killed and several labourers were injured. These are inhuman, savage and condemnable by one and all. I have not seen anyone or any organisations in the media who condemned such horrible acts. The stoic silence, indifference and apathy of the public mean that we are collaborators in such crimes and illegal acts.

I appeal to all civilised public to speak out and condemn such acts as there is no room for such savage acts.

Yours etc…
Philip Marweiñ,
Senir Journalist

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